By jill October 31, 2015.

Halloween Studio The crazy crew and all our creations!

Happy Halloween everyone! Here at the studio we completed another studio challenge. The instructions were to create a costume out of Gift Wrap Company product, and the ladies did a fabulous job getting in the spirit of things! Scroll down to see our creations:

IMG_4530 Hello, Cupcake! Heidi really went all out to create a confection out of wrap and tissue. The Yarn Pom Pom topper really takes the cake!

IMG_4532 Sarah is really getting in to the spirit! Her expertly crafted ballerinia costume includes wrap, tissue and ribbon.  Bonus points for the perfect pose!

IMG_4537 Julie got fired up and crafted a pitchfork with Ombre Wrap and Tissue for her Devil costume!

IMG_4539 I used Leopard print wrap and a tote bag handle to craft a wild, yet office friendly look. Note the ball point pen as mask handle. Everyone thought it looked GRRRRRReat!

IMG_4542 Lesley's awesome shades are reminiscent of late 70s Elton John...

IMG_4547 Unicorn Couture! Xiomara fashioned a very cool cone from glittered wrap & satin ribbon!

IMG_4548 Kari's Unicorn mask takes it a step further by adding cord and jewel embellishments.               Mysterious and Magical, we love the holographic gift wrap she chose!

IMG_4554 Foxy Lady Amy G fashioned a textured mask by hand shredding three colors of  tissue paper!

IMG_3297 And of course the elusive hybrid animal: The unidevil cakerrina. We believe.

We hope you all have a fabulously frightening, safe & happy Halloween! And remember- there's still time to whip up a quick costume from gift wrapping supplies! Send us your DIY paper costume ideas for our next dress up day!

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