techno graveyard

By nancy July 23, 2012.

A brand new computer, monitor or techno gadget is a thing of pure joy. It cost more then a small village, but you love it, brag about it and marvel at how awesome it is and you are for having it!


A few years goes by ( and often not that long) and your once shiny new toy is no longer upgradeable thus no longer compatible with anything, has battle scars from drops on the sidewalk, coffee spilled in the keyboard, cracks from your dog stepping on it, sand, dirt and unrecognizable debris embedded in the crevasses,  and maybe some water spots from a late night drop in the toilet. Yes your gadget which was once a source of great pride is now an axe of shame you use with hate and loathing. Time to upgrade!

But what do you do with the old stuff? Its an eco nightmare!

If you are like us you stick in a corner and swear on one of those town recycling days you will lug it down. Thus was our story. For a couple years now a pile of e-waste has been piling up in our garage creating a techno graveyard. Finally we made the call. Called out one of those services that haul it away.  What showed up on that 97 degree Wednesday afternoon was a modern day Fred Sanford. An old truck loaded to the hills with useless e-crap! As we watched in horror as once  beloved computers, scanners, and monitors were thrown ( literally) into this mountain of  past hipness.

Although we have come to terms with their passing, and are psyched to have the space back, we say rest in peace old friends! We will cherish the memories.

"they're comin' to join you old walkmen and VCRs"

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