The 10th Craft Of Christmas!

By heidi December 8, 2011.

Cute and Crafty Clipboards.

This craft is super easy and can be used all year long. You could post your New Year’s Resolutions on it, or it could also make a great gift for a teacher...
You will need: clipboards, wrapping paper, tape scissors, glue (we prefer a hot glue gun), ribbon, embellishments (buttons, sequins, etc)

Step 1: lay out a piece of wrap about 2 inches larger than your clip board on all sides, the printed side facing down.

Step 2: trim in to the corners.

Step 3: turn the clipboard face down onto your wrapping paper and wrap the sides around to the back and tape them down.

Step 4: carefully cut around the clip getting as close as you can to the sides and tape it all down.


Step 5: turn your clipboard over and experiment with different ribbons, strips of coordinating wrapping paper and embellishments to see what will look the best. If you are making a group of clipboards, try to mix and match everything as shown here.

Step 6: Once everything is in place, it is time to commit! Be sure to tape all the paper down completely , and then use glue to attach the embellishments.

And here is the final product, a cute addition to any office space. Happy Crafting!


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