The 12th Craft of Christmas!

By nancy December 19, 2011.

I know you guys have been waiting, and it's finally here The 12th craft of Christmas! This paper snowflake craft is super easy!

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: Paper, Scissors, Tape, and a Stapler

Step 1: The first step is to have 6 equal sized square shaped pieces of paper. (Doubled sided paper recommended, you will see both sides when finished! I used our Matallic Kraft Wrap!)

Step 2: Fold each seperate piece into a triangle. As each page is folded cut a total of 6 slits- Stop before meeting the cut on the opposite side! (try keeping cuts similar in size but don't worry if they are not!) Repeat triangle fold and cuts on each sheet.

Step 3: Open up triangle back into square and lay flat on your work space.

Step4: Now grab middle diamond shape and fold up taping corner to corner.

Step 5: Next flip paper over onto other side and repeat last step by grabbing the next diamond shape and taping corner to corner.

Step 6: Flip paper over again and repeat taping of diamond shapes until all slits are taped.

Step 7: Repeat steps 4-6 for the other 5 triangle pieces you have cut.

Step 8: Once each piece is cut and taped- grab two and staple them by the bottom point and where the two meet in the middle.

Step 9: Repeat with each piece until all are together create the look of a snow flake!!

Step 10: Best way to hang would be to punch a hole on the top piece and hang using ribbon, fishing wire or whatever works best with the paper you chose! Then just 'Let it snow!'



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