The Happiest Place on Earth!

By aimee January 6, 2012.

I know that Disneyland is commonly referred to as "the Happiest Place on Earth". But that's only for people who haven't been to CRAFTLAND yet.

If you ever find yourself on Westminster Street in Providence RI, do yourself a favor and stop by #235 to support some local artists who will knock your socks off!  What was once a seasonal gig has (thankfully!) become a year-round extravaganza.  I had the pleasure of taking a little field trip to Craftland a few weeks ago with my sisters and niece, and we really enjoyed the shopping, the creativity and the atmosphere. It was early December and Craftland was hosting their annual "Super Celebration Bash" to kick off the holiday shopping season. Local (and not so local) artists and craftspeople are selling everything from paintings and prints to jewelry and furniture. Everything is designed with a personal touch, from the kooky yarn-ball window treatments to the clever packaging to the unique and colorful display tables. Needless to say, I was in handmade heaven. Although I was intending to shop for gifts, of course  I picked up some goodies for myself. I left feeling all warm and fuzzy (the complimentary pinot noir and cookies may have helped!)  Not only that but I picked up a pretty cool swag bag filled with all kinds of fascinating freebies. Here are just a few of the treasures I spotted, some of which I am still wishing I took home.  Anyone want to go back there with me ASAP?






For myself I scored a pair of earrings that I am wearing practically everyday, Heidi bought a pretty print for her collection &  my sister Erin got a Providence necklace to remind her there's no place like home. We love our new goodies, but I think the best purchase of the night had to be Skye's new owl buddy, "Sugar" (who I'm told has not left her side since!)

Thanks to everyone at Craftland for making such fun stuff. You are brightening days in the Providence area & beyond.  xo
Sorry I didn't give individual credit to each photo, but I was so enamored with your products that I didn't take good notes! (all info can be found at Craftland website)




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