The rules of re-gifting!

By jill November 19, 2014.


With the holidays fast approaching, everyone has encountered the dreaded gift you're just never going to use. Instead of letting it collect dust, check out this article on re-gifting without the guilt!

Every year there's bound to be someone who 'thinks' they're giving you the perfect gift, when sadly you think to yourself, 'could this person be more wrong?' Well, don't you fret over what to do with these unwanted holiday items. The Buffalo News recently wrote an article, Re-gifting without the guilt that will teach you how to properly recycle these misguided presents and it might get you out of buying a few as well!

I pulled an excerpt of one of the many helpful tips you'll find within the article:

And when it comes time to re-gift, you know we have all the fab finishings to cover you!

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