This one's for the dogs!

By nancy August 27, 2012.

August 26th is National Dog Day!

In honor of the day Tyler and I went on a nice long walk and a few illegal swims at his favorite resevoir.


Then I baked him a batch of homemade dog cookies. Which he was very excited about despite the fact they were not too awesome! Anything for food.

But enough about my spoiled old lab. In the spirit of National Dog Day I wanted to share one of my favorite illustrators, Canadian born, Marc Tetro. Guess what Marc's best known for.. yup his pictures of dogs and favored by me for his illustrations of Labs! I discovered Marc's work a few years back when I purchased a great picture of 3 labs at an ice cream stand. It has proudly been hanging in Tyler's food nook since I bought it- yes dogs need art too!

So it is no wonder I was delighted to stumble upon a dedicated section of Marc's work in Macy's flag ship Herald Square store in Manhattan. The collection for Macy's is adorable, of course, and the displays were stopping shoppers in their tracks. There were great little gift items; journals, notes, bags, pads, pens, key rings... you name it! The bold graphics and vivid color further enhance the beloved subject matter in a perfect trifecta. 

Of course I had to pick up another perfect picture for the nook....


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