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By aimee June 5, 2012.

Did you LOVE the refaced clocks and wrapped letters in our London window? They are super easy and fun to make, try it!


I used a few different types of clocks in this window, but here is my favorite (& easiest DIY). Start by dismantling an old alarm clock...you know the one with the big hand and the little hand? (Aesthetically, I love this style of clock, but practically, I have always had a hard time telling time this way! Maybe that's why I wanted to upcycle this little guy- I can read stripes better than time)  You'll have to pull the face out from the back, maybe mess around with the gears to take everything apart, but what you'll end up with is this:


Choose your fave wrap (in this case I used Traveller's Stripe ) , cut to approximate size & mount to foamcore. You can adjust the direction of the design after it is cut out.






If you can salvage the hands of the clock, (which I did not ) glue them to the center. Set them to your favorite time, and know that your clock will be right at least twice a day ;)




Pre-cut wood letters (from Michaels, $3.99)

Spraymount the letter (on the side that will be facing OUT, so the letter will read properly)

Place spraymounted side  face down on wrap, making sure that the design is going the way you want.







Happy Crafting, Hipsters!




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