Wednesday What Not- Hedgehogs Gone Wild

By aimee January 25, 2012.


1. dress by; 2. handbag by kate spade; 3.print by susiegharemani; 4.charm necklace by madison craft studio; 5. throw pillow by earthlab 6. print by the black apple;  7. "sneak preview" of woodland stripes by TGWC; 8. coasters by seabreeze studio; 9. live hedgehog, courtesy wikipedia

If theres a bustle in your hedgerow, don't be alarmed now, it's just a hedgehog!  These not-so-pointy cousins of the porcupine have been gaining popularity ever since Sega introduced Sonic. Today you can find them everywhere from quirky  tableware to  Kate Spade handbags. I didn't have to look to hard to find hedgehogs hiding in fashion, home decor of course stationery... They make a very interesting graphic icon because of their compact silhouettes and of course their cute little faces. They are actually super cute in real life and some people even keep them as pets. I'm pretty sure Bean would love having a hedgehog for a sibling, if only I could get my hands on one of those little critters!  Since they are not native to the Americas, I'll just have to settle for admiring these little cuties on paper, starting with Woodland Stripes from TGWC's upcoming Christmas line!

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