Wicked good gift wrappin'

By nancy September 26, 2011.

My very special little friend Jack recently had his very special 5th birthday. Being the good little Beantown rugrat that he is, he opted for a Bruins Party this year. So out came the black and gold, complete with a mini Stanley Cup replica.


I love a good theme party. How can you not, and a Boston Bruins one no less!!!! Being in this business there is a degree of pressure to over achieve on the gift wrapping, but this time I took on the challenge with great joy.

Alas with a little solid gift wrap, tissue and imagination (ok and a a google images search for reference) one Boston Bruins team jersey wrapped air hockey table (keeping the theme alive inside and out) came to life.


Creating this wrapped gift was easy, anyone, any city, any team.... all you need is a little imagination.

Jack had a great party and I was able to keep my gift wrapping crown. The crowd approved. Jack's Dad gave it 2 thumbs up.


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