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By aimee August 27, 2013.

Labor Day is upon us...the unofficial end of the summer. Such a bittersweet time of year for us in New England, as we try to enjoy the last few days of our favorite season without thinking about winter lurking around the corner.

You can spend the weekend mourning and putting your white clothes in storage, or you can celebrate in Gift Wrap Company Style. If you want to wrap up your summer with a festive fiesta, here are some fun and easy ways to decorate with gift wrap!

DIY Party Picks & Pennant


Wooden BBQ skewers, found at grocery and craft stores

TGWC ribbon, I used Peppermint Stripe, Cyprus and Red Polka Dot

TGWC Wrap, I used Hip Stripe and Red Polka Dot

hole punch

double sided tape

spray glue



1) CUT  WRAP into triangles. Whenever I craft with wrap, I always double side to make it sturdier. Simply spray glue two pieces back to back.

Don't worry about making perfectly symmetrical triangles...it's still summer after all, take it easy on yourself. But DO save the scraps to make your party picks (below)


2) PUNCH HOLES through the widest part of your triangles, and thread them all onto a thin ribbon, leaving plenty of excess for hanging the final product.


1) CUT STRIPS of wrap and fold in half to notch the ends symmetrically. When using ribbons, just notch and go. See, I told you this was easy ;)

2) TAPE to skewers using double sided tape. place tape in the center of the fold, the skewer on to and fold to seal.



All you need now are some tasty treats to skewer or stir with these cute picks!

Now kick back so you can enjoy the last few fleeting moments of summertime...

For more party picks, check out this post.

Happy Crafting,





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