HOW TO: Create Wrap Signage

By jill September 4, 2014.

Welcome 4

Learn how to make adorable signage while showcasing some of your favorite wrap!

Materials You Will Need: Gift wrap, a frame, spray mount, fabric or paper, a piece of foam core trimmed to the size of your frame and an Xacto blade.

Step 1. Download our PDF templates here, (or create your own if you'd like to say something special).

Hello Template Welcome Template

Step 2. Print the outlined letters. Make sure the word(s) are flipped backwards before you print. It will all make sense later, I promise! (If you're using one of the templates, this is already done for you.)

Step 3. Spray mount the letters to the BACK SIDE of your wrap. (We used our Modern Tartan wrap for 'Welcome', and our Libertine Stripe wrap for 'Hello!') After spraying, one side will show the backwards letters, the other will be the front of the gift wrap.

Step 4. Cut along the outlines of the letters with an Xacto knife. Be sure to keep the letters connected to each other, unless you want to go rogue and do your own thing! We're cool with that.

Cut out

Step 5. Pick an interesting background that you want to mount your new word(s) onto. We suggest using paper or fabric.

Step 6. Spray mount the background onto the piece of foam core. Make sure it's nice and smooth, you don't want any air bubbles! Once this is complete, spray mount the letters on top of your new background.

Step 7. Place your new piece into the frame and it is ready to be displayed!


Be sure to show off your new wraptastic sign anywhere and everywhere!!

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