WW-N: Getting Graphic in The Galley!

By nancy January 25, 2012.

On a recent shopping expedition I happened to spend a bit of time in Sur La Table. I am extremely epicurically challenged and credit sandwich as a culinary achievement but for all little cooking gadgets and kitschy what-nots I have quite a fondness, so spending time in a store as fun as Sure la Table is a party for the eyes!

On this particular outing I was very much amused and amazed by all the vivid COLOR. Some one turned the music on up in the kitchen and it is playing hard core JAZZ!! No one cares much about a spatula, I am not even sure I know what those are for, oh but a bright fuchsia spatula with a lime handle...OMG I can't exist without it. A food processor? I can't even process that. But an orange food processor with funky lime feet... now that will put a little salsa in my salsa! From small appliances to accessories bold vivid color has taken top trend, turning the mundane into the must have!

We're not in Nana's kitchen anymore kids! Kitchen gadgets have stepped out of the cupboards and earned their place of honor on the counterTOP!

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